Clan .41 — Good news, everyone!

Good news, everyone!

We had awesome news in the past months. First thing, we have a new Teamspeak server up and running (the bad thing it is somewhere in Canada, but who caaaares :). Btw, most of the time you can find us at MeRk Public TS (thank you, BluFF and everyone). The second one — we are testing our new website. It is still not optimized and stuff, but it's running. No more stupid ads and shit popping up when you don't want it.

New site features updates on what's happening, information about where to find us, how to contact us and some cool stuff. It's build on Django framework, if someone is curious. It's still in BETA, so if something doesn't work, it is going to be fixed soon.


July 2, 2016, 7:15 p.m.